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A Heart Based Preschool Caring for Children 3 – 5 Years Old

Mountain Breeze is a

Neo-humanistic preschool!

Whole Child Learning

Universal Love


Yoga & Meditation

Neo-humanist Education (NHE) goes beyond the practice of love for humans and includes all creation, including plants, animals, and the inanimate world.  Neo-humanist Education was founded by the Indian philosopher Shrii P.R. Sarkar.

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Located on 50 acres in the mountains of

Madison County

Our school is truly a beautiful place to be a child.  We spend at least one hour outside in nature everyday, but most days we are outside much longer.  We have a fenced playground with swings, climbing area, picnic area, and we will be adding a sandbox and slides soon.  We have many vegetables, fruits, and herbs growing.  The children enjoy caring for the plants.  We take walks around our beautiful neighborhood and find all sorts of natural treasures along the way.  Our neighbors have an organic farm, cows, and ducks.

The Love Of Teaching!

All of our teachers love teaching and have at least 15 years experience working with children.  All of our teachers have a Bachelors Degree or higher in Education and/or related fields.  They are also consistently taking continued education and workshops, some of which include nature-based learning for preschoolers.  Our teachers have healthy lifestyles and they bring them into the classroom.  All teachers are trained in pediatric first aid and CPR, and have valid criminal background checks.


Brand New Construction!

Our school has a natural feeling inside the school.  The floors are bamboo and we have 7 large windows, so even when you are indoors you still feel the relaxing nature around you.  Our classroom is setup according to the principles of Early Childhood Education and NC licensing standards.  We have a “quite room” with comfortable carpets and pillows, language arts, and manipulatives.  Our main area has a dramatic play area, art, blocks, puzzles, books and more.

See How Close We Are!

Asheville – 25min

Woodfin – 20min

Weaverville – 18min

Marshall – 10min

Mars Hill – 18min